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My name is Mary Zingarelli Pretotto and I’m the primary writer for this site. My House of Zing started when I launched the Instagram account in October 2017. The intent was to have some fun with social and make some new friends online. After working for over 10 years in Communications – primarily focusing on Social and Digital – I wanted to do something that was just for me, not a brand.

Within four months, I had over 2,000 followers. What started out “just for fun” has turned into a passion and the blog is being added so I can add more creativity into my life. Writing is definitely something I’ve missed doing and I can’t wait to get started.

Over the last year, there have been a lot of changes in my life. Looking back on 2017, I can say it was the year of transformation, which makes 2018 a year of transition. I’ve moved away from corporate life and am now focused on teaching at the University/College level (which I love beyond words) and starting to build my new company (which I’m still figuring out). I’m spending much more time with my wonderful family, reconnecting with friends old and new, and enjoying life as a new dog mom.

This blog is for entertainment. It will include fashion, lifestyle, makeup and quotes to augment my Instagram account and give me a platform to expand on what I want to say. Unlike Instagram, I’ll also be including recipes because I love to cook and I love to share!

Thanks for joining me!!

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