Aspirations for Every Girl, Young and Old


It makes me sad that no matter how far we have come as women, there are stories every day about those who try to hurt us in some way. These things we see, hear and experience are not only physical but emotional as well. They are intended to create scars we can’t always see.

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Are You Feeling Lucky?

Such a simple quote but probably my favourite of all time. I cringe a bit inside when I hear people say that they aren’t “lucky”. Maybe it’s because I’ve never believed in luck without purpose… I don’t think that good things happen just by waiting for them. Case in point: You can’t win the lottery […]

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Frieda Kahlo

I’m using this section of the blog to post a few of my Instagram quotes and talk a bit about what they mean to me. In some ways, you’ll probably learn the most about me in this section of the blog. And hopefully, I’ll learn a little about myself in the process. Some quotes won’t […]

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