Apple Watch Bands Styled – Update!!

Apple Watch Bands Cover

By popular demand, I’m bringing you an updated Apple Watch Bands Style post to give you the latest fashion finds for your Apple Watch! These pretty bands add personality to your device and are all available on Amazon at very reasonable prices. Is it “time” for a change? I’m sure you’ll find something you love here.

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DIY Dollarama Frame – Fill that Empty Space!

DIY Frame Cover Photo

It’s crafting time! Do you have an empty wall or space in your house that you just can’t think of how to fill? Or maybe you don’t want to spend a fortune to “decorate” it because you have other plans and don’t want to commit? Check out this DIY Dollarama Frame for some fun inspiration.

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Quiz: Is an Instant Pot Right for You?


By now you either own an Instant Pot or have been told you should get one. But is an Instant Pot really right for you? Take this quick quiz and learn more about what you can expect and if this kitchen appliance is worth the investment. You may be surprised by the result!!

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Canadian Showcase: Apricotton Founders Chloe & Jessica

Canadian Showcase Apricotton Banner

This issue of Canadian Showcase features a brand that set out to make a difference in young girls lives. Apricotton is taking the awkwardness out of buying that first bra while empowering girls to feel confident and not shy away from asking questions so many of us have felt reluctant to ask. Read on to learn more!

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Cupid Approved: Valentine’s Day Canadian Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you might find yourself with limited options for picking a gift for your honey. That’s why shopping local is such a great idea for showing your love ❤️ Not only are you supporting our economy, but you’ll also likely get your package so much sooner without the hassle of cross-border delivery.

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Tide Powder Bubbling Up to Attention

Tide Powder Bubbling Up to Attention

All across the Internet, people are talking about how Tide Powder is a powerful product for cleaning around the house. I have to say, the hype is real folks! Today we’re talking a look at why it works so well, sharing uses, and hearing from Tide about their recommendations. Let’s get our clean on! #TideLaundry

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Canadian Showcase: Judi Patson, Even Design Jewellery

Canadian Showcase Even Design

Today’s Canadian Showcase features my favourite jewellery brand, Even Design! I’ve been a fan of Judi Patson’s designs for years and own a few pieces myself. Her creative and unique pieces are inspiring, fun and whimsical. It was an honour to have the pleasure of interviewing her for this post and introducing them to you.

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Resolutions – To Do or Not To Do?

New Year Resolution

Resolutions are a hot topic for January. Do you do them? Don’t do them? Although resolutions can be set at any time of the year, people generally equate them to January and a fresh start. The question remains, are resolutions a good idea? The answer is simple…. It depends. Read on and give your opinion!

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DIY Gnomes That Are Fun (and Cheap!) To Make


This holiday season, I’ve become obsessed with Gnomes. I set out to write my very first DIY post for you on how to make one of these cute creators at home. Using items easily found at the Dollar Store or around your house, putting together your very own creation is super fun, easy and really inexpensive.

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Canadian Showcase: Ben & Mark, Benji Sleep Co-Founders


In today’s Canadian Showcase, I’m excited to introduce you to Benji Sleep! We’re currently doing a bedroom refresh and I came across this brand while researching bedding. I was immediately drawn to their vibrant website, quirky language, claim to have “the softest damn sheets on the internet” and veritable avalanche of positive reviews. Check ‘em out!

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