5 “Basic” Recipes You Need to Bookmark

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Every chef has their secrets and a set of basic recipes they pull from either to use on their own or as the start of something special. But, you don’t have to be a “chef” to be able to create any of these easy-to-prep recipes!

Below are my personal recipes that I pull from weekly. Some are ones I’ve created on my own, passed down through family, or in my bookmarks. I hope you find as much use for them as I have 🙂 Please let me know in the comments below if you have a favourite basic recipe you use on rotation! I’d love to try it out.

Pizza Dough Recipe

I’ve seen a ton of pizza dough recipes that either require a mixer to put together or a lot of kneading to get just right. This is not that! My parents used to own a bakery and they taught me to pull together this dough recipe in a pinch. It requires just a few hours to rise and I’ve never once had it turn out anything less than perfect.

Hand-Knead Dough Prep
Source: https://myhouseofzing.ca/2021/04/27/hand-knead-dough/


If you don’t follow Adriana on Instagram, you definitely should! She has some really quick and easy recipes that are perfect for weeknight meals. My absolute favourite go-to meal from Adriana is her pancake recipe… And yes, I make pancakes for dinner all the time! These are by far the fluffiest and tastiest pancakes I’ve ever had.

If you love having breakfast-for-dinner but prefer something more on the savoury side, check out my Savoury French Toast! It’s a great way to use up older bread that needs to be consumed quick.

Simple Chicken Soup Recipe

I haven’t written up my family’s chicken soup recipe but this one is extremely close. My kids were practically raised on this meal and even as teens, they’re constantly asking for it. It’s so easy, it’s shocking!! If you’re like me and prefer not to use chicken bouillon (although the organic, msg-free variety is awesome), you just need to boil the soup for longer. Without the bouillon, I boil my soup for about 2hrs on low and as the water evaporates, add in more boiled water to keep it topped off. You can also substitute the pastina with any small pasta you prefer.

Nonna’s Easy Chicken Soup with pastina
Source: https://enzasquailhollowkitchen.com/homemade-chicken-soup/#recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I know, I know… Everyone has a chocolate chip recipe they love. I mean, how can anyone dislike a warm, gooey cookie! This particular recipe has a secret ingredient that makes it one of my family’s most asked for dessert. Once you try it, I bet it’ll become one of your top-favourites too.

chocolate chip cookies
Source: https://myhouseofzing.ca/2018/03/19/chocolate-chip-cookie-recipe/

Basic Pie Crust Recipe

I spent years looking for the best pie crust recipe and had more losers than I care to admit. But this recipe is one I inherited through marriage and I’m happy to report that both have brought a lot of joy to my life!

Pie Crust
Source: https://myhouseofzing.ca/2020/12/16/flaky-pie-crust/

Do you have a recipe you use allllll the time? Share it in the comments below, please and thank you!

Until next time….

xoxo, Mary


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