Fall Bags – What’s Hot for this Season

Fall Bags

With so many purses and bags to choose from this fall, how will you decide?!? There are so many styles to choose from, including clutches, belt bags, satchels, totes and backpacks just to name of few. Here’s a roundup of my favourites for this fall, ranging from compact to carry all.

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4 Easy Styles for Growing Bangs Out

Playing with Hair

If you have a love/hate relationship with your bangs and feel like it’s time for a change, hopefully this post can give you some pointers. I’m by no means a hairstylist but I’m sharing a few suggestions and hair tips that helped me out over the last couple of months. There is hope!

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Whitening Teeth at Home: A Review

Big Smile

Curious about at-home teeth whitening kits? My friends at Smile Brilliant asked me to try out their product and write my honest review. I’d been considering a whitening solution for some time but didn’t know where to start and what to pick!! Here’s my experience with Smile Brilliant…

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The Zingria – A fresh, fruity summer drink

The Zingria - Header

I wanted to do something extra special for my followers to celebrate the Pinterest milestone I reached this month. So, I’ve created this fresh, tasty summer cocktail recipe called THE ZINGRIA for my most popular board just for you! Happy patio season, my friends… Drink up and ENJOY!!

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Black Dog Photography Tips That Work

Last week a friend of mine was telling me about the black dog she’d adopted from her local animal shelter. The story broke my heart because the reason the dog had been left was because it didn’t look good in photographs. I seriously couldn’t believe it, but apparently this is a “thing”. People want pets […]

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SUMMER LOOK BOOK 2019 – My Favourite Styles

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the SUMMER edition of my Look Book! Thank you SO MUCH for following along and asking wear you can find some of the styles I share on my Instagram page!! A lot of people ask me why I don’t use the popular direct shopping app but the reality is that monetizing […]

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Pantry Items for Instant Pot Success!

I’ve been an Instant Pot convert for almost two years now and during that time, I’ve learned that there a few staple ingredients in my pantry that always ensure my meals come out perfect! Do you have a particular ingredient you can’t live without? Please share it in the comments below! Flour/Corn Starch Unlike a […]

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Sunless Tanning – Your Options for a Risk-Free Tan

To be completely honest, I’ve spent the last six months a pasty shade of white, reminisent of tissue paper. I’m done. I want a glow that screams RADIANT rather than hiding my legs under pants and long skirts. But, I’m not a sun worshipper. I never have been and I have no intention of becoming […]

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Favourite Quotes – From Me to You

Everyone loves a good quote, right? Well, juggling by the response on my instagram page, it must certainly be true because quotes always get a warm response. And I LOVE sharing quotes. Those little bursts of motivation that stop you and make you think for a minute. Here are my top 10. Hope you like […]

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NEW Instant Pot Round Up – The Summer Edition!

Hello my Instant Pot friends! I’d first like to say thank you for all the love my 5 Things You Should Never Put In Your Instant Pot post has received. I’ve been overwhelmed by all your comments and page visits! I’m also getting a lot of requests for new recipes to try out and I […]

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