Planting Outdoor Herbs & Temperature Tolerance

Having fresh herbs available is one of the best parts of summer. Nothing beats the freshness and flavour these bring to the kitchen! If you’re like me and don’t have a green thumb, this infographic will help you understand the temperature tolerance and sun conditions you’ll need to grew healthy plants. Make yourself a Mojito to celebrate!!

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Easy Hand-Knead Dough Recipe

Every cook should have a basic dough recipe on hand and no one should feel like this is difficult to do. In fact, making homemade dough is the easiest recipe I could share with you! You don’t need a fancy mixer or anything like that… Your hands alone will make the best dough you’ve ever had.

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Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Personal Accounts

Social Media Policy Header

Having a Personal Social Media Policy is something all Bloggers and Content Creators should consider writing. This will help ensure your readers and followers know the rules to your playground. Very much like having band-aids on hand, a policy is designed to be there if you need them in a pinch so you can respond quickly.

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Canadian Showcase: Daisy Day Co Creator, Stephanie Molloy

Canadian Showcase_ Daisy Day Co Header

This month’s Canadian Showcase features Stephanie Malloy from Daisy Day Co, a new candle brand that creates simply designed and beautifully scented candles that are safe to burn, completely vegan and eco-friendly. Read on to learn more about Stephanie, her creative approach, lovable products and endearing launch story. Another purely Canadian brand for you to discover!

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The “Flakiest Flaky Pie Crust EVER” Recipe


Making a flaky pie crust is only difficult when you don’t have a great recipe! When you do, it can be absolute perfection. Here’s a recipe I’ve worked on that will give you the flakiest, flaky pie crust you ever did have. It’s a favourite from my family to yours and I promise you’re going to love it. Enjoy and Happy Baking!

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5 Things you should NEVER put in your Instant Pot

5 Things Never to Put in Your Instant Pot

Whether you’re a new Instant Pot user or have been using this miraculous appliance for a while now, you’ll quickly learn that it’s a process of trial and error. Over the past few years, I’ve learned a few things the hard way… here’s a rundown of my experience and the FIVE things I’ve learned you should try to avoid!

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