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Quotes can lift you up and make your day. The can give you the feels. When you read a really good quote, it makes you think. If it’s particularly special, it will help you learn. Here are some of my favourites that I wanted to share to show appreciation for all my readers. Hugs to you all.

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Are You Feeling Lucky?

Such a simple quote but probably my favourite of all time. I cringe a bit inside when I hear people say that they aren’t “lucky”. Maybe it’s because I’ve never believed in luck without purpose… I don’t think that good things happen just by waiting for them. Case in point: You can’t win the lottery […]

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Frieda Kahlo

I’m using this section of the blog to post a few of my Instagram quotes and talk a bit about what they mean to me. In some ways, you’ll probably learn the most about me in this section of the blog. And hopefully, I’ll learn a little about myself in the process. Some quotes won’t […]

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