xo beautiful

To be honest, I had a hard time with this blog category because I didn’t know what I wanted it to be. What is beauty anyway? So, I thought I’d start by making a list – because a good list is often a great start!! Here’s what beauty is to me. 

Confidence in the person I am
Knowing my own mind
Not caring (too much) about what others think
Being fearless

Wisdom through age is beautiful

A really great mascara that compels my lashes to pop
Concealer that makes blotches disappear
Fun nail polish in office-inappropriate colours
A silky lipstick that’s glamourous and daring

Feeling pretty is beautiful

A gorgeous painting
Songs that give you butterflies
Being mesmerized by a dance
Watching a movie that makes you cry

Art is beautiful

Eskimo kisses
Doggy licks in the morning
Getting tucked-in at bedtime

Love is beautiful

I would love to hear your definition of beautiful! Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

xo to you, beautiful

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