3 “Yays” and 1 “Nay” for your Seasonal Wardrobe

While Winter Sale is slowly winding down, the next best thing is currently happening – maybe even a better thing – Winter CLEARANCE sales!! Woot Woot!! This is the best time of year to buy those essentials that’ll take you from Winter right into Spring/Summer fashion. Here are three items to keep an eye out for and one that you may want to leave behind.

Tanks & Camisoles

The first things to disappear during the sale period are sweaters. They’re done folks, stop looking (at least the nice ones anyway… if they’re still on the rack, there’s a reason for it!). But tank tops and camisoles are still pretty easy to find and usually at an additional discount. These are great because you can wear them now under a blazer, cardigan or over a fitted t-shirt. Layering is key with these pieces. When warmer weather comes to play, you can peel away those covers. Look for tops in light and bright fabrics such as jewel-tone velvet or bright cottons. Graphic t-shirts are also a lot of fun and can work in any season.


There’s never a bad time to buy shoes. If you can’t wear them in the snow, you can bring them along and change into them once you’re safe and warm inside. Boots and chunky heels will definitely get too warm on the hotter days but a good pair of pumps or loafers can be worn anytime. Sneakers are year-round goodness. What you may typically find during clearance are the bright and floral patterns that folks are usually too afraid to wear in the winter months. Buy them. They’ll transition perfectly into spring.


Often the forgotten maiden, a great necklace or bracelet is season agnostic. But a nice piece of bling can change any outfit…. Any. Outfit. Don’t forget to stop by that clearance rack and sort through the statement pieces. You want your jewelry to stand out so don’t be shy about buying something outrageous. Chances are it’ll look awesome on one of those camis you just put in your cart! This is your chance to be creative and try something different without making a huge investment. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.


I tend to stay away from buying heavy-material pants any time of year. With the exception of jeans, I much prefer a lighter material. Generally speaking, they usually fit your frame better and the hang isn’t so bulky. If you can find something you’d wear in the summer, that’s great. But it’s unlikely so don’t get your hopes up. Also, pant styles tend to change rapidly so if you were to buy something now, it will probably be out of style by next year. That’s my fair warning, do with it as you may. All that said, this item is most definitely on my “buy” list during summer clearance for the exact reasons listed above.

All five pieces shown in the featured image cost less than $30 but they’ll make up at least five to seven outfits when I mix and match them with what I already have, including the jewelry I’ve accumulated over the years.

Have you come across any seasonal-transition pieces that you love? Tell us about them in the comments!

Happy shopping.

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