February Ipsy Glam Bag Review

I love receiving little presents in the mail. That’s why beauty boxes are so much fun for me. And if there’s something I don’t like, I pass it along to my daughter, family or friends and give them a little gift as well! 

My relationship with Ipsy Glam Bags has been start-n-stop for a few years now. I started receiving their bags when I stopped another subscription, which wasn’t meeting my expectations. I cancelled my Ipsy bag the first time because I needed a break, not because I didn’t like the items. So, I was super excited to get started again. 

It’s been three months now and – to be perfectly honest – the jury is still out. Here’s a look at February’s bag:

The Bag: A blushing pink, lace-trimmed pouch.
It’s pretty cute and well made. I’ll definitely be adding this to my tote.

Photo credit @ipsy

Nail Polish: Trust Fund Beauty in Wine O’Clock
I started getting gel nails before Christmas so this was a good reminder to update my preferences on Ipsy! That said, it’s a fantastic colour I’d wear on my toes but more so in the colder months than in the Spring/Summer.

Lip Balm: Bubble T Cosmetics Macaroon Lip Balm in Lemongrass and Green Tea
Ever been to the Delano Hotel in Miami? This lip balm smells like the scent in their lobby… which is to say, amazing! It feels great on my lips and comes in an adorable container. This is a keeper. 


Eyeshadow: Pacifica Beach Crystals
The colours in this palette were a bit too young for my tastes… I seriously think my first eyeshadows in grade 8 had the same tones. But I’m no longer a fan of mauve on my eyes and I’ve long given up on sparkly shadow. My 13-yr-old called dibs on this one.

Perfume: English Laundry Signature for Her Eau de Parfum
I put it on and I may just need to take a shower before I got to bed. It smells like something you might find in your grandmother’s medicine cabinet. Hmmm. Not for me but maybe my mom would like this.  


Lipstick: Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Love Pop
I like the feel of the lipstick and I looooove the container. That’s it. The colour and shine makes it look cheap and I’m not into that much glossiness on my face. 

Photo credit @ipsy

I’m giving this month’s bag 2.5/5 stars. In part, I have to take some accountability for updating my preferences, which I’ll be sure to do immediately. It does take some time and finessing to really start understanding what you want and need. On the other hand – and I get that this was the big V month – I think they tried too hard to make this bag “romantic” but ended up with something to “girlie”. 

All that said, my 90s self would have LOVED everything about this bag 😉


Ipsy costs $10 US/month (plus $5 shipping to Canada). It’s a low-cost entry point for anyone interested in suscription packages like this. You can learn more here

I plan to continue with my Ipsy Glam Bag subscription for at least another couple of months. I’m also receiving the Fab Fit Fun box (thank you to my hubby for this!!) but that box is seasonal and I still really like the monthly present-to-me I get with Ipsy.

I’m always on the lookout for new subscriptions, so please let me know if you have one you like!


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