Bralette #Love – What and How to Wear Them

Did you know that #Love is the most used hashtag on Instagram? It’s true! And it’s also the reason I’m using it in relation to Bralettes, because they have quickly become the most loved item in my wardrobe.

There are three main reasons why I love them so:

  1. FIT – Who always wants to be wearing a bra? Bralettes are so comfy-cozy and so much more feminine than a sports bra.
  2. STYLE – I love the look of a pretty bralette peaking out from under a loose-fitting tee or just vaguely seen under a sheer blouse.
  3. TRANSITION – It doesn’t matter what season you’re in – or what temperature it may be – bralettes go seamlessly with summer or winter outfits.

So far, I’m stuck on two particular brands.

The first is the Adella Bralette from Free People, which comes in 17 gorgeous colours. The pineapple-like design extends high on the collar-bone making it perfect for strappy tanks and off the shoulder tops. But be careful! The straps are delicate and can snap easily (as I’ve learned the hard way!).


My next favourite collection is the Racerback Bralettes from AE for American Eagle, which are the same but different in that you can wear them interchangeably and achieve an entirely different look. These bralettes are much more “lacy” and the t-back makes them perfect for outfits that need some detailing in the backend. They come in a TON of different colours and sizes.  You can bank on AE always having a good sale, so keep your eye on these ones!


Have you discovered #BraletteLove yet? Tell me about how you wear them in the comments below!

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xoxo, Mary


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#Love of Bralettes
#Love of Bralettes

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  1. I sadly only own 3 bralettes, 2 of which are from Aerie. I’m loving that flowery Braley the from Free People! How bad is the exchange and shipping fees for us Canadians buying from Free People? They seem to have such nice stuff!

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