Levi’s Jeans – Finding The Perfect Pair

This week, I spent some serious time speed-dating Levi’s jeans. I have been desperately trying to find a new pair of jeans to love but I’m tired of the typical skinny jeans or leggings and was really looking for something more traditional that I could easily dress up with a blazer for work.

I went to my to all my old favourites with no luck. Then, I noticed Hudson’s Bay had some Levi’s on sale and so I took a leap of faith and ordered some for an at-home try on session. It’s been YEARS since I’ve worn Levi’s so I wasn’t expecting much but boy was I wrong!

Here are the results with videos below. All four pairs I tried on were a size 27W/32L and I was wearing a 20inch heel.

Levi’s Sliming Straight Jean

The Levi’s Sliming Straight typically retails for around $80 CDN but are currently on sale for $35, which is a great deal.

They live up to their name and are indeed… straight. Right through the hips, legs and calf areas they give your leg a continuous line. I loved how they sit on the waist, not crazy mom-jean high but not muffin-top inducing low either. The wash is a traditional blue and uniform throughout the jean, the tone is the same top to bottom.

Levi’s 312 Shaping Slim Jean

When I think “Levi’s”, the 312 Shaping Slim is the fit I remember. They’re higher on the hip than the jeans I described above but still not so high that you get that bulking denim-tummy (know what I mean?!?). They’re more narrow around the calves but still have a lot of flexibility. The slightly faded wash on the front thigh gives them a preloved look.

Around $90 CDN at full price.

Levi’s Wedgie Icon Fit

When they described the Wedgie Icon Fit as snug, they weren’t kidding! I literally had to lie down on the bed to get the button-fly done up. And they’re stiff. Definitely not my favourite pair. There is also no give to this jean, which is the total opposite of the others. But just because these didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean they won’t be great for you. Everyone has a type, right?

At $108 CDN full-price, these are on the pricey side but right now they’re on clearance for $48!

Levi’s 315 Shaping Bootcut Jeans

I’m in love…. This is it folks, the pair I was looking for. As soon as I put the 315 Shaping Bootcut on, it felt right. The dark blue colour is classier for work and these jeans hug without constricting. And did I mention how great Levi’s look from the back?! The wider bootcut bottom is perfect to wear with heels but be forewarned that bootcut can look sloppy with flats if they’re too long. In this case, I plan to wear them dressed-up so I wanted the longer look.

Regular retail is about $85 CDN.

What did you think of the videos? If you want to see more like this, please let me know in the comments below!!! Also, don’t miss a thing and follow the blog but entering your email address… I’d love to have you follow along!


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