5 Things You Need to Know for Social Media Success

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One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen people make is that they jump into a Digital Platform before they understand what they want to get out of it. But, it’s rarely the tool that will make you successful, I can promise you that!!

A Social Media Tool – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or any other – is only a vehicle to help you get where you want to go. The tool alone is not what will get you to your destination. Much like a car trip, you need a map.

Here are FIVE things to consider before you decide where you want to be present on social media.

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Is there a new social media or digital tool you want to try out in 2020? Tell me your plans in the comments below! If you have a question, I’m be happy to provide some advice… you can learn more about me and my experience here.

In the meantime, always remember that social media should be fun and rewarding. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious over it, it may be time for a social media detox.

xoxo, Mary

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