Instant Pot Roundup for January

Judging by how many Facebook updates I’ve been seeing with Instant Pot photos and recipes, I think I may be one of the last people on the train. This actually surprised some of my friends since apparently, I tend to jump on trends (another post for another day).

But the truth is that I really didn’t see the point. I love to cook. I figured when I was home and had the time, I would want to be traditional and literally stir the pot. When I wasn’t home or had limited time, I assumed the crockpot was all I needed. Now that I’ve spent a few weeks with my new Instant Pot I will admit it…. I was wrong. Dead wrong.

To explain why, I’m going to share a few recipes that embody the benefits of this magical new kitchen appliance. The recipes are linked to their source and for the most part, I followed these as described. The photos are my own to show you the end result.

Instant Pot Ribs

Instant Pot Ribs

I have always been a good Rib-maker. Sometimes I boil them before the BBQ. Sometimes I slow-cook them in the oven. I’ve used my crockpot to slowly cook them before a good broil. I’ve used store-bought sauces, made my own. I’ve spent hours in prep. With the Instant Pot, I literally got fall-of-the-bone ribs in one hour. But even more amazing than that to me is that cleanup was sosososososo much faster and easier!!! This rib recipe from Mommy’s Home Cooking was the best I’ve ever made. It will be my go-to forever!

Syracuse Salt Potatoes [left], Herb Potatoes [right]
Syracuse Salt Potatoes [left], Herb Potatoes [right]



Instant Pot Potatoes

Another misconception I had about the Instant Pot is that everything similar would more-or-less end up tasting the same. Let’s be honest, the crockpot does have a tendency to give everything you make that stewed-like flavour (unless you’re a crockpot expert to which I’ll attest there are those who are amazing… I’m not one of them). So when I made these Syracuse Salt Potatoes and then tried the Herb Roasted Potatoes, I was surprised at how completely different they tasted, in a really good way. And both recipes resulted in potatoes that were “just-right” without being too hard or too soft. Potato perfection.

Chicken Soup [top], Italian Wedding Soup [bottom]
Chicken Soup [top], Italian Wedding Soup [bottom]

Instant Pot Soup

Who doesn’t love a good soup? But good soup takes time and I rarely have the time to make a real, good-old-fashioned, just-like-nonna-makes soup. But this past week everyone in my house came down with a nasty cold and I decided to put my Instant Pot to the test. Could it make a heart-warming soup lickety-split that still tasted authentic? OMG. Yes. Yes, it can. First, I started with a simple Tomato Bisque that even the kids loved. Next came Chicken Soup, which has never been a favourite of mine but this recipe made me a convert. Finally, I wanted something different but still broth-based so I made an Italian Wedding Soup that I left for my family while I ran some errands… I never got to try it! They slurped it up before I even got home!!

Within one month I’ve become hooked to my Instant Pot, especially the sauté and pressure cooking setting. I still make dinners the “old fashioned way” but I’m really enjoying the extra experimentation the Instant Pot has added to my kitchen. Food is not easier to make but it certainly is cleaner and faster, when you consider how long stove-top would take for the same recipes.

Oh, and by the way… I still get to stir in the Instant Pot 😉

Join me every month as I share more new recipes I’ve tried out. And it you have a favourite you’d like to share, please leave a link in the comments below!

Update: Additional roundups are available for February and March!!

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