Instant Pot Roundup for March

It’s hard to believe another month has passed and it’s suddenly Spring! Now, if only the weather would become a bit warmer, I could move on from soups and get that grill going 😉 Until then, I have my Instant Pot!

This will be my last monthly Instant Pot Roundup and going forward I’m moving to a seasonal post. While I have absolutely loved getting to know my IP, I’m finding that I’m running out of recipes to try and am going back to re-make the ones I’ve already posted. However, I’m getting much more comfortable with this appliance and I’m just about ready to try creating some recipes of my own, which I’ll continue to post ad hoc. Until then, I’ve posted my favourite recipes in the February and January Roundups.

For this Roundup, I’m going to go back to basics and share my favourite staple recipes. These are not main courses but rather sides that go well with just about anything you make, whether that be in the IP or by some other means.

**Note: All photos are credited to the original site. Click the photo to link directly to the recipe.

Instant Pot Broccoli 

This is by far the quickest IP recipe I’ve seen and it makes the best broccoli that is firm and stays green. My kids love cheese sauce so I’ll often make that on the side.


Instant Pot Asparagus

There are a million ways you can make asparagus but I’ve found this one to be tasty and easy. I threw in some lemon wedges to give it an extra kick.


Instant Pot Sticky Rice

One can never go wrong with sticky rice! It’s the perfect side or complement to a number of dishes. Before getting my Instant Pot, I never made rice. Now, I always have Jasmine rice on hand so I can whip up this fool-proof dish.


Instant Pot Potatoes

I’ve posted these before but it’s worth adding them again. Both are quick and made perfect potatoes. Each have a distinct taste.


Instant Pot Chicken Broth

Much like rice, pure broth is not something I made before my IP. Sadly, I never had the time and used either boxed broth or bouillon cubes. But now, whenever I have a leftover chicken carcass from a store-bought rotisserie chicken or other chicken recipe, I quickly made a broth and store it in the freezer! I love knowing I’m making something from scratch and controlling the sodium content.


Do you have a favourite side that you make in the Instant Pot? Please let me know in the comments below!!

Happy cooking.

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