FabFitFun Spring 2018 Box Review + Add-Ons

I recently started my FabFitFun journey with the Editor’s Box. My husband was a real sweetie and purchased a subscription for my upcoming birthday (yay!). I’m a huge fan of subscription boxes and have purchased many in the past. Currently, I’m also receiving the Ipsy Glam Bag (February review here).

I’ve long watched all the great FabFitFun unboxings and was on the fence about committing to the bigger box. But I’m so glad I’m there now!! My Editor’s Box was fantastic and I’ve used every single item, which in itself makes it a great value. One item in particular has become a favourite of mine, which I added on to the Spring box.

Here’s what was inside my FabFitFun Spring 2018 Box

I wasn’t sure I’d love the copper vessel but how wrong I was. It’s stunning and fits in well with the décor anywhere in my house! The coconut smell is oh-so-good and I’ve decided to keep this one in my study where I can enjoy the pleasant fragrance while I’m getting things done (as I’m writing now!). Every work day should have some pleasure in it, right?

This is my first lip palette ever. To be honest, I never saw the point of investing in a palette when I much prefer keeping my favourite sticks on hand. What I’m lovin’ about this is that I can keep it on my makeup table and never have to root around in my purse for the perfect shade, only to realize I forgot it or left it someplace else. As I’m putting on my makeup, I either choose from one of the 12 shades or I blend a couple to come up with the perfect hue to match my day. Perfect this is! And the texture is smooth and soothing, without being overly glossy and a teeny little bit goes a long way! Did I mention there are 12 SHADES!!!

Most of us have a favourite skin care product and personally, I rarely mess around with mine. But hey, this came in the box so I gave it a try. I love the smooth, non-greasy texture and it gives me a great amount of hydration without the dewy look. Time will tell how my skin reacts to this but so far, so good.

Hmmm, I thought. What am I going to do with this? It looks like my dryer balls on a stick. But, OMG. After just a few minutes of rolling this over my legs I can feel my muscles relax and enjoy. I’ll probably keep this one close to my workout area so I can have a little treat as incentive. I’m feeling the feels with this product!

If you read my blog you know I’ve recently jumped on the gel nail train. I didn’t think I’d get a lot of use out of this product but then I tried it on my toe nails – which I tend to keep bare during the winter months – and my piggies look so pretty! More importantly however is that they look healthy. With this on, I wouldn’t be embarrassed to slip on my sandals right now. In fact, they look so cute that I may keep away from the polish for a few months yet.

My skin can get pretty dry in the winter, especially my feet and legs. It was nice to receive this at a time of year when I’m hyper-sensitive about staying smooth. The smell is just lovely and my body soaked it up. It feels silky, non-greasy and did I mention the smell?!? I’ll have to hide this one from my daughter, no doubt.

Just before Valentine’s Day, my favourite love bracelet broke. The irony is not lost of me! So when I saw I had the choice to select this bracelet in rose gold, I jumped at the chance and I’m so glad I did! It’s feminine, cute and just the right compliment to all my other bracelets so I can add it to the stack on my arm. But be warned, it is really thin and delicate, which has me a bit worried for it’s safety.

Here’s another product I’ll have to hide from my daughter because she loves masks and was already “eyeing” the product 😉 But this one belongs to mommy! The cooling gel insert really does make my eyes feel refreshed, especially after a night when I didn’t sleep well. A 10-minutes nap after the kids have gone to school refreshes me for the whole day. It’s like having a mini-spa treatment waiting for me on my bedside table.

It’s like FabFitFun looked into my closet and picked the perfect pattern for me! The creams, burgundy and blue flower pattern, with a hint of green, literally matches every outfit I own. And it’s reversible!! You’ll be seeing this fantastic little clutch make an appearance in many of my #flatlays over the next two seasons.


With a retail value of $354.00, this box was a steal for only $49.99 US. If you leave me comment below, I’ll send you an invite for $10 off your first box plus you’ll be entered to win some pretty awesome prizes!! It’s not too late to get in on the Spring 2018 box but don’t wait too long because they do sell out quick!!

But wait, there’s more! I added on a few items this season. One all-new fav and a couple others I’ve been dying to try.

These body buffers were my absolute favourite thing from the Editor’s Box so when I saw that they were available as add-ons, I literally stalked them. These sponges are the best smelling bathing product I have EVER used and they leave my whole bathroom smelling like a luxury spa. And they work too! My skin feels buffed, pampered, cleansed and oh-so-smooth. I didn’t use it every day because it only promises 14+ uses… they can be a bit pricey compared to my normal body-wash and I wanted to extend that heavenly smell. With the Editor’s Box, I received the Bulgarian Rose and now I have Beach Grass and Coconut Verbena. I swear, I’m heading to the shower immediately after posting this review 😉

I use this brand as my everyday face cream and love how gentle and nourishing it is, without ever causing breakouts. So, when I saw the facial mist, I couldn’t help adding it to my cart. When you love a brand, you love a brand. I’m pretty confident I’ll love this product too but hard to say if I’ll buy it again.

In Shoe-Dos post, I mentioned using medical tape to prevent blisters. This product is supposed to be the next step up and creates an invisible barrier between your foot and shoe. Definitely peaked my interest. Keep an eye on my Instagram account because you’ll most definitely hear my thoughts on a #TuesdayShoeDay once I’ve tried this out.


Overall, I’m giving this box a 4.5/5… the only reason it didn’t get a perfect 5 is that, although I love everything about this box, I wish I’d picked the earrings instead of the bracelet. Don’t get me wrong… I adore it….but I’m pretty convinced I’ll lose it within the month.

If you’re still on the fence but are itching to give it a try, I have a few free Starter Boxes to offer family and friends (you just need to pay the shipping). Each Starter Box comes with 3-4 full-size, premium products and is valued at over $75 US. If you’re interested, leave me a comment below and I’ll send you an email invite.

Thanks for reading!

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