Quirky Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Never Expect!

I don’t know about you but I find Father’s Day Gifts the hardest to buy. When my husband sees something he wants he generally buys it, which leaves me with few options that would truly surprise him. This year I came up with a few ideas I don’t think he’d expect – mostly because he’s never mentioned them – but I know he’ll love because he’s quirky like that! Maybe you’ll find an idea here that works for your special-guy as well!


I REALLY hope my husband doesn’t read this blog post before June 17 because this is my #1 choice and he’ll ruin his own surprise (honey, if you’re reading this stop now and walk away). Have you heard of 23andMe? This nifty genetics kit that’s sold on Amazon gives you everything you need to collect a DNA sample, send it in for analysis and then access your personalized ancestry and health reports. How cool is that? My husband has quite a few nationalities in his bloodline and it will be interesting to learn what else we didn’t know about. The kids are also super excited about this idea!


I’ll admit I’m a little leery of the health report and what might come back but the wellness and trait reports look super interesting. If you’d rather not go that deep into your genetic report card, you do have the option of buying the Ancestry test only. Learn more directly from the 23andMe Website. The Ancestry Service is currently on sale for $69.00 US and the Health + Ancestry Service is currently $139.00 US.

Amazon Prime

If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, then this is the gift for your man! This membership has been a game-changer in our family and my hubs uses it all the time. It allows him to get what he wants, when he wants it, fast and easy. Plus there are tons of perks like free movies, books and music. Prime Membership costs $12.99 US per month or $119 US for the year… taking into consideration the cost of shipping, this quickly pays for itself.


The Gift of Culture

Going to a movie for a family of four is a typical night-out but quite frankly has become pretty expense (how can popcorn possibly cost that much?!?). So why not pitch in just a bit more and get tickets to something your family will remember for years to come? Stage productions like Wicked and Phantom of the Opera are visually stunning with amazing music while Disney Theatrical Productions are more suitable for families with younger kids. If theatre is not your thing, how about a family membership to a local art gallery or zoo? Gifts like this keep giving and will provide your family hours of entertainment. Check your local listings for options in your area by simply Googling “Family Memberships in my area”.

Satin Pillow Cases

Okay, don’t laugh. I recently bought a set of these because I read that they’re great for keeping your hair straight and face smooth. I got them for me but since it was a set of two, I gave one to my husband. Unexpectedly, he loved them!! After a few days, he definitely noticed his skin felt soft and he wasn’t waking up with his usual bed-head. If you really want to surprise him this Father’s Day, I’d. highly recommend this unique gift. You can find a two-pack on Amazon for around $9.99 US.


My husband often says he’s happy with whatever the kids make him and the opportunity to sleep in. I totally believe him but it’s nice to surprise him from time-to-tme. Whatever you do for Father’s Day, I hope it’s filled with family, hugs, kisses and tons of love.

Happy Father’s Day!!!



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  1. What awesome gift ideas–will definitely need to keep them in mind for next year! I’m totally on board with the satin pillow cases and obsessed with amazon prime too!! Men are so hard to shop for, but these are definitely great options! xx Jenifer

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