Alas, I feel like my time with Ipsy has come to an end. As much as I’ve tried to customize my options, I’m just not using products that I’m getting. BUT, I do really like the brand and their customer service is awesome. That means something to me and I’d like to continue with our relationship. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to pass along the subscription to my newly-minted teenage daughter.

I think this subscription will be perfect for her. She’s open to experimenting but still relatively conservative (yay!) in what she’s willing to try. She’s curious about the different products available to her and she bores easily, so the small sizes are great. We actually had some fun going through the customization and selecting the products and brands she was most interested in.

I’m not going to go into a full-on review this month, but let me show you what’s in my bag.

The Bag: Cute little thing covered in postcard stamps
Ipsy has been consistently great with their bags. I’d miss them if I cancelled my subscripton so I’ve called first dibs when my daughter’s products arrive. Hey, I’m paying for this after all 😉 Right?!?


Lipstick: Lord & Berry 20100 Maximatte Crayon in Spicy
The Ipsy website describes this as being a creamy lipstick that won’t dry out your lips, like most matte lipsticks do. Apparently, it’s long lasting and contains Vitamin E.

Eyeliner: Touch in Sol Style Sepia Gel-Liner in Jarin
The colour is supposed to be a rich brown with hits of green but it looks more like forest to me, which I rather like. I may keep this one after all!!

Facial Mist: Air Repair Skincare Complexing Quenching
I do love a good facial mist and this comes in a convenient travel size. My daughter is particularly excited about trying this one out.

Mud Mast: Grace & Stella Dead Sea
It was odd to find this in my bag since my preferences did not include masks. I’m not a fan. This one contains Dead Sea mud, which is supposed to be a detoxifying dream.

Eyeshadow Brush: Slmissgam N15
Another month, another brush. This was probably the deciding factor in passing on my subscription. I have more than I need, now more than ever.  This particular brush was made specifically for Ipsy so you can only buy it from their website.


In fairness, I’m not going to “rate” this month’s bag. Is it that I didn’t like the contents? No. They just weren’t for me.

If you’d like me to continue to review the bag – from a teenager’s point-of-view – let me know in the comments below. Who knows, maybe we’ll even have her do a guest blog!

Thanks for reading!!


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