Summer to Fall: How to Transition Your Wardrobe

One question I get asked most often is how to know what pieces will work across seasons.

Not everyone has a closet big enough to hold allllllll their clothing so often times, we pack them away or put them into different closets. Before you go crazy and do a complete stash-and-store, here are some of my tips for deciding what I keep and what I send into hibernation.

These are just my own personal guidelines, which have never failed me. There are no rules here. You do you.

Colour is Everything

As a general rule, put away anything that you need sunglasses to look at with. This includes bright colours and floral patterns. It’s doesn’t mean all pinks should go, but you might want to save your neon-pink for a bright sunny day, which we don’t get a lot of in colder months. I tend to keep out pieces that have more earthy-tones or skin-tones. If I know I have a sweater, blazer or cardigan that I can throw on top, it’s a definite keeper. Anything black – pants or sweaters – I tend to keep out across seasons.

Tees for the Win

Every season is tee-shirt season, in my opinion. Solids go with anything at anytime and are great for layers. I’ll also keep any graphic tees that I can clearly see under an open blazer or jacket. Nothing drives me more insane than when I can’t see the full text or image on someone’s shirt. So anything like that goes into the closet for a wardrobe brake. Older tees become sleeping buddies.

If you Love It, Keep It. If you Don’t Love It, STILL Keep It

Seasonal change-over is NOT the time to donate clothes you don’t want, rather than store them. Here’s my thinking…. by the time I have to pull them out again, I may have changed my mind or the style may be hot again. I’ve always regretted when I’ve tossed something too soon. Plus, the sell-your-stuff shops tend to want in-season clothing so you’re better off saving it.

Thin Pants for the Win!

Honestly, I hate thick winter pants. They just make me hot and itchy. I much prefer a lighter pant, which tend to look better and less bulky on my anyway. I can’t remember the last time I bought a “winter” pant so it’s very rare I ever put them in storage. The exception are pants that are really bright. And I’m still stuck on not wearing white pants after Labour Day but that’s my hesitation to bare. You go for it!


Now – Grab a glass a wine, light a pumpkin-spiced candle and dive in!!

Happy closeting 😉


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    1. Totally agree!! I just finally completed my change-over today and found a few items I totally forgot about… and I few I was happy to get rid of to make room for more!! 😉

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