Sunless Tanning – Your Options for a Risk-Free Tan

To be completely honest, I’ve spent the last six months a pasty shade of white, reminisent of tissue paper. I’m done. I want a glow that screams RADIANT rather than hiding my legs under pants and long skirts.

But, I’m not a sun worshipper. I never have been and I have no intention of becoming one now. Sure, I like to sit out in the sun but I always make sure to have a healthy dose of sunscreen to protect my skin. Melanoma is real folks, and preventable, so be smart about sun exposure.

That doesn’t mean I’m not chasing the glow. Oh no, no, no.  I will have the healthy tan I’m after using a variety of sunless tanning options that are safe and easy to use.

Choosing the right option for you can be daunting, with all the choices on the market. So, I’ve created this handy little infographic to help give you some insight into the best options for your needs.


What’s your favourite method for achieving that perfect glow? Do you keep it up all year, or just as needed? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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