4 Easy Styles for Growing Bangs Out

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I’ve been growing out my bangs for about three months now and I’m finally at the point where it no longer looks like I’m… well… trying to grow out my bangs! I’ve always been a fan of having bangs and loved them on me for a long time. But if you’ve ever had bangs, then you’ll know that eventually they stop cooperating or, you just need a change.

By no means am I a professional hairstylist, just an average girl in hair-transition. But, during the growing-out phase, there were four particular hair styles that got me through that awkward stage and I wanted to share them here with you. To start, you need a few products to create these styles:

  1. A good dry shampoo because you’ll find it’s MUCH easier to style your floppy bangs on day-old-or-older hair. Freshly washed hair is often difficult to work with. I have dark roots so I really, really love the Batiste Beautiful Brunette product.
  2. A set of mini bobby pins to hold back those short bangs. Personally, I find the minis work so much better because they’re easier to hide and you don’t need to hold back a lot of hair. Even if you have thick locks, the smaller size are easier to work with.
  3. A sturdy hoop-style hair band. You can find one easily on Amazon or check out your local dollar store. Your choice of colour.
  4. Good quality “ouchless” hair elastics. Avoid elastics with the metal clip connector because they can damage and brake your hair. I love the Goody brand because they last a long time… you can pretty much always find one on my wrist for quick tie-ups!

The Pin-Back

This style is the easiest for keeping those growing bangs out of your eyes and works for any length of bang. It’s also great for freshly washed hair because the bobby pins have good grip.

Pull back a long strand of hair at about the mid-point of your head. Using a bobby pin, secure the bangs under the strand, then let it fall back forward. Voila!

Pin-backed hair style for growing bangs

The Messy-Bun

This style works best for stiff hair, either the day after a wash or using dry shampoo to add volume. Work your bangs up onto the top of your head and gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail. Use an elastic band to twist the hair into a knot. You might need a little practice but once you get it, you’ll never be able to un-know it. For shorter hair, you can secure the bangs with a butterfly clip and tousle your hair to create a messy effect.

Messy Bun Hair Style for growing bangs

The Prim & Proper

I love this style for days when I can’t get my hair to cooperate! Which, to be honest, is probably at some point every day. All you need to do is push your bangs off your face using a hoop hairband. Tease the hair at the crown of your head to add volume. If you have shorter hair, stop there. For longer strands, pull the back into a ponytail.

prim look

The Fall Out

Once your bangs get long enough, just let them fall where they may. A middle-part may be easiest at this point to keep them even around your face. I use a hair straightener to blend them in with the longer pieces.

Free Falling Bangs Hair Style

My goal is to eventually have my whole head of hair the same length but we’re still months away from that happening. Once I get there, I’ll probably want a whole new colour so stay tuned for that!

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