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You may be surprised to hear this, but I am fashion conservative. I tend to pick items in solid colours that are easy to mix and match. Patterns scare me and mixing patterns is way outside my comfort zone. Colour and prints tend to be relegated to accessories and outerwear.

But Fall 2019 is a game changer because animal prints, neon and bold patterns have come crashing in. They will not be tamed. So how can a fashion conservative add the latest trends to their wardrobe without feeling like the proverbial fish out of water? Here are a few tips to get you started and some of my favourite Instagramers to help you along.

Tip #1: Keep Pattern Away from Your Face

Whenever I put on a floral top, I almost immediately remove it. But a bold, bright bottom is more within my comfort zone. By keeping prints on your lower half, you’re still adding that punch of style while maintaining your security blanket on top. You’ll definitely feel more like yourself.

Check out @barbaraaleks for this and other style tips on her blog!

Tip #2: Blazers and Cardigans are Your Besties

When you’re ready to move those patterns up, you can help subdue the look by adding a blazer or cardigan on top. This will give you the pop you’re looking for without making you feel exposed.

Ja’Net from @runningonclean has some great picks to share from a recent J Crew Factory try-on session that can definitely help you in this department.

Tip #3: Even Self-Imposed Rules Can Have an Exception

For me, dresses are the exception to the rule. And you might find this applies to you as well, if you give it a chance. Dresses tend to occupy the middle part of your body and you’ll find – especially if you start with a subtle pattern – that it won’t be overwhelming. And if you are feeling uncomfortable, Tip #2 is a great backup.

My friend @stylebyjamielea has a great post over on her blog where she styles a leopard slip dress…. be sure to check that out for more inspiration!

I’ve also shared some of my favourite printed-dresses for fall over on my Look Book.

Tip #4: Still Feeling Shy? Accessorize!

Don’t feel like you’re quite ready to jump into the deep-end just yet? There’s no better way to subtly introduce pattern and colour into your wardrobe than with accessories. Some people love earrings and with so many choices out there, you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose. Personally, I love belts and shoes. Both are great options for pumping-up any outfit.

For some accessory eye-candy, you’ll want to have a look at @e_loves_luxury who definitely has amazing taste.

Do you have a tip to share? Please leave a comment below!


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