Fine Hair? Don’t Care! Make it Work for You.

Fine Hair

Having fine hair has been my lifelong struggle. I’ve experimented with different styles, cuts, products and perhaps even a voodoo-treatment as well. But it’s only been in the last year that I’ve stopped looking for quick-wins and started focusing on tried-and-true methods. Here’s what’s worked for me.

Professional Advice

Listen to your hairstylist, they are professionals after all! But more importantly, find yourself a hairstylist who will give you real advice. For too many years, I’ve had stylists who either didn’t listen to my concerns or simply had a “whatever you want” attitude.

Enter @hairstylist_cillzz from @centralhairsalon in King City, Ontario (part of the GTA). She’s been working with me for almost a year and my hair has become noticeably healthier as a result.

The first thing we dealt with was colour. I was over processed when I first arrived, which was evident in my brittle, split ends. I thought I needed to go back to a solid colour but Priscilla cautioned, “While solid colours are extremely pretty, they don’t add dimension to the hair… Having more than one tone expands hair as the light and dark strands contrast each other and add depth.” She explained that dimension helps to thicken hair, which in turn expands the hair cuticle and fills the hair out.

First visit: Added depth with colour

When it came to cut, I had waaaaay too many layers and even I realized it was making my hair limp and lifeless. I loved Priscilla’s, “The shorter the hair, the harder they stare” motto and I’ve been an advocate to that every since. She says, “Since fine hair is really delicate, it tends to thin out and split at the end, especially when it gets long. Cutting of length and removing the see through locks creates the illusion of thickness.” She always warned me that layers remove bulk and “people with fine hair can not afford to do that.”

Last Visit: Going darker at the base & growing out those layers!


I used to think the perfect cut would solve all my problems and – while that does play a huge role – I’m personally finding that using the right products makes a huge difference as well. I like to use a variety of brands and switch them out from time-to-time. Here are my most recent products.

Joico Hydra Splash*

A big challenge for those of us with fine hair is keeping it moisturized so that it doesn’t get dry, brittle and weighed down. When @joicocanada sent me their new HydraSplash Collection line to try out, I was cautiously optimistic because while I love the brand, “moisture” usually means “heavy” but I’ve been happy with the results! After just one shampoo, my hair felt light and hydrated. This line includes a Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating ConditionerGelée Masque and Replenishing Leave-In.

Joico Hydra Splash
Joico Hydra Splash

Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar and Nourishing Line*

Chances are, if you have fine hair you also struggle with winter hair that is somehow flat and flyaway at the same time. The worst! But, @yvesrochercanada sent me their Hair Care Routine to try and I’m so impressed! I always knew they’re skincare rocked but the haircare has been amazing for me too.

The routine is enriched with Agave fructans and avocado oil, which has nourished my dry hair and restored balance. My favourite part has been the rinsing vinegar enriched with raspberry, which has added a shine I’ve never seen before. This is a biodegradable, silicone-free formula. Contains over 95% ingredients of natural origin and 100% vegan. The tube is eco-friendly and the recyclable bottle contains recycled plastic. I’ve been using the Nourishing Cream Shampoo, Nourishing Detangling Cream Conditioner and Shine Raspberry Rinsing Vinegar.

Yves Rocher Nutrition
Yves Rocher Nutrition

*Note: Joico and Yves Rocher sent me their products in exchange for an honest review. Since receiving these products, I have been using them exclusively.

Friendly Advice

Of course, some of the best advice we get comes from our friends. Am I right?!?

@rendoesathing recommends using a dry shampoo to add volume and shape. I’m behind this 100% and love me a good dry shampoo! My personal favourite brand is @batiste_hair, especially the tinted variety that doesn’t leave a white film on my dark hair.

@veronha13 suggests washing your hair every other day and using products specifically for fine hair. Absolutely! I’ve even trained my hair to be washed every 3-4 days and it’s happier for it 😉 (Psst… You can also check out her new page, @nextlevelbakingco)

@allthingsmieza avoids oils and blows drys her hair upside down to get lots of volume. It’s a great tip and works fabulously!

At the end of the day, the goal is to feel like your best self. Sometimes, that comes from trial-and-error while other times we turn to others for advice. Whatever works for you, I hope you find your happy hair!

Have a tip? Share it below! Looking for something else to read, check out how to make socks & sandals work for you… This Spring’s hottest trend!

Until next time!

xoxo, Mary


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