5 Essential Instant Pot Accessories

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Are you an Instant Pot convert, like I am? Want to take your IP experience to the next level? Then you’ll love these 5 Instant Pot accessories, which will make cooking in your IP so much easier! Yeah, that’s right… It can be even more effortless!

Silicone Sealing Rings

IP Silicone Sealing Rings

Your Instant Pot came with one Silicone Ring… but one ring is not enough! To avoid foods taking on the odour of other foods, you should switch out your rings depending on what you make. I like to have one for veggies, one for desserts, one for meats and one for poignant foods like chilli, curries  and bbq. Purchasing rings in different colours, like these, will help you easily tell them apart.

Extra Inner Cooking Pot

Although the Inner Cooking Pot that comes with your IP will meet a majority of your cooking needs, having two pots can save you time if you are using it for multiple items during one meal or if you’re cooking ahead. I’ve heard people rave about this non-stick version but I haven’t had any issues with the stainless steel pot.

Silicon Lid

IP Silicone Lid

Although you can just as easily use plastic wrap or foil paper, I find the Instant Pot Silicone Lid to be more convenient and ecologically friendly. I use it all the time when I either make a meal in advance or if I have leftovers.

Avokado Steam Baskets*

These little gems have been a lifesaver! I used to use a stainless steel steamer basket but my veggies would always fall apart or get stuck in the layers. With these Avokado Steam Baskets, it’s easy in, easy out! I use the large one for steaming potatoes and the small one with divider when I have a few veggies I want to steam at once.

I’ve also started using it to hold other containers, like my next accessory pick. The handles are such a convenience and the small “legs” at the bottom ensure nothing touches the water. Genius! I also love that they are easy to clean, store and are super flexible!

*Avokado sent me these steam baskets in exchange for an honest review… And honestly, I  love them! Stay tuned for a future blog post dedicated to steaming veggies and other uses for using this basket in your IP.

7″ Springform Pan


If you’re planning to do any baking in your IP, you absolutely need a 7″ Springform pan. This isn’t a typically size you have in your kitchen because it’s slightly smaller than what you might use in the oven. But, you will need it to fit within your inner pot so the smaller size is necessary.

BONUS: The following two accessories are nice-to-haves but not necessities in my book…

Tempered Glass Lid

Tempered Glass Lid

I don’t use my IP for slow cooking but if I did, the Tempered Glass Lid would be a huge time saver because you don’t need the sealing lid.

Silicone Egg Bites

Silicone Egg Bite Molds

I bought myself a set of Silicone Egg Bite Molds only to find that I didn’t really like egg bites! Live and learn, I guess. But these little containers can be used for many things like some desserts or even baby food. Some people even use them to hold eggs. Check out these recipes to see if this might be something you’d enjoy using.

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Happy [Pressure] Cooking!

xoxo, Mary


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5 Essential Accessories for your Instant Pot


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