Family Movie Night with Teens & Tweens

During this isolation period, we’ve been making sure to save at least one night a week for a family movie night. Trouble is, I’ve been having a hard time finding movies that are suitable for all of us. The kids are too old for too many cartoons (I’ve had my fill of Disney movies) and too young for some movies that have adult themes (One list suggested Fight Club as a family movie. Really?!?).

So I set out to make a list we could all agree on and enjoy. Today, I’m sharing it with you! I tried to pull together choices that contained some old and some new movies, but nothing that would make the kids cringe! The goal is to have fun with the fam for a couple of hours together.

This is by no means an exhaustive list so if you have anything to add, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll include it to the list 🙂

Get that popcorn popping because here we go!

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If you want to check out these movies further, IMBD is a great resource for reading synopsis, seeing reviews, and checking out the parents guide. Common Sense Media is also a good spot to read parent guidance and Rotten Tomatoes gives you both audience and critic scores.

Have fun with your family!

xoxo, Mary


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