DIY Gnomes That Are Fun (and Cheap!) To Make


Making these super cute DIY Gnomes is a fun and quick project you can easily do at home! Unless you’ve been living under a rock (hahaha), you know that the Gnome-craze is in full swing. Why buy a Gnome when you can makes one of these playful little creatures yourself, am I right?

DIY Gnomes – Tools & Supplies

Here are the tools and supplies you need to get you started. I found most of these items either around my house or at the Dollar Store (which let’s be honest, I visit on the weekly).

  • 1 Sock
  • Some small stones or glass pebbles
  • Stuffing
  • Small black elastics
  • Fur or a mop
  • Small ball
  • Burlap or felt
  • Small hat
  • Glue gun & extra glue sticks
  • Embellishments, as desired

Aside from the basics above, all you really need is some fun and imagination. Have a look around and pick up those bits and babbles that you think you might use. If you don’t use them on your first Gnome, you probably will when you make more! And trust me, you will make more 😉 Here’s a look at my Dollarama haul:

Gnome Supplies
Gnome Supplies from @Dollarama

To build your Gnome, you’ll be creating four separate pieces and attaching them together. These will include:

  • Body
  • Nose
  • Beard
  • Hat

You have a ton of flexibility with the size you want to create and the materials you use. Play around and have some fun. No two Gnomes will ever look the same.

Step One, The DIY Gnome Body

  1. Add some glass pebbles or stones to the bottom of your sock, just enough to create a stable base. I don’t recommend using any perishable items like rice or beans because they may get moldy over time.
  2. Stuff the sock with some cotton batting. I took some out of an old pillow. Add enough stuffing to create the size you want your Gnome be.
  3. Secure the top with an elastic.
  4. Cut off the excess sock.

Step Two, The Nose

  1. Take a small round object about the size of a golf ball and cover it with burlap or flesh-coloured felt.
  2. Secure with an elastic.
  3. Cut off the excess.

Step Three: Attach the Nose to the Body

  1. Using a glue-gun, attach the nose (from the cut end) to the tied-off area of the Gnome body.
  2. Allow to dry.

Step Four: Your DIY Gnome Bread!

  1. You have a couple of options here for making a beard. Either use a piece of fur or tie-off a portion of mop. The piece should be enough to cover the body of your Gnome.
  2. Place your piece of fabric or mop under the nose and around the top of your body.
  3. Secure with a glue-gun.
  4. Allow to dry.
  5. At this point, you can add another small piece of fabric as a moustache. I did this for my fur Gnome but left the mop Gnome as is.

Step Five: The Hat

  1. There are a number of ways you can make a hat for your Gnome.
    • If you find a pet costume, snag it! The Santa hat is the perfect size for a Gnome.
    • Using some material – I used the excess from the stocking I took the fur off of – form a cylinder and secure with a glue-gun.
    • Take an old knit hat and cut off enough of the top to make a mini-hat.
  2. Using your glue-gun, secure your hat to the top of the Gnome nose.
  3. Fix your hat around the Gnome body/beard and secure with a glue gun.

Step Six: Dress It Up!

  1. Using whatever babbles or dressing you have, decorate you Gnome. You can use pom-poms or bells at the top of your hat or add some holiday embellishments.

That’s it folks! All you have to do is find a home for you Gnome and show him off! As I said earlier, no two Gnomes will look the same because these DIY Gnomes are made with your love, imagination and holiday cheer. ❤️🎄

What do you think… Should I name my Gnomes? Leave me some suggestions in the comments below.

Happy Holidays!

xoxo, Mary


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