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It’s November my friends and that means it’s time to talk about holiday decor trends!

We’re seeing some reboots from last year as well as new, fabulous ideas. I’m super excited to get started with my holiday decorating because it makes my home feel festive and fun. As the weather gets cold and the snow starts to fall, the pops of colour and cheerful touches warms my heart.

Are you excited to get started? Let’s look at what’s hot for the cold season ahead!

Holiday Decor Trends #1 – Artificial Flower Arrangements

I wish I had a green thumb but the unfortunate reality is that I don’t. Using artificial flowers and trees is a great way to add some greenery to your home, without the guilt of being a plant killer. Initially, there’s an investment to buying some nice pieces but because you can reuse them, they do pay off in the long run.

Check out these fabulous arrangements from @redbarnmercantile that look practically real! The best part about artificial is that it can be used in a ton of different arrangements that would be difficult to do with real greenery.

Check out more from Red Barn Mercantile:

Holiday Decor Trends - Artificial Flower Arrangements
Artificial Flower Arrangement

Decor Trends #2 – Gnomes!

Last year, Gnomes stole the show and have been popping up in different variations across all the holidays. This year is no different but the selection has certainly grown! I’d be surprised if you haven’t come across one you love already.

I particularly enjoy this trend because there are some great Do it Yourself (DIY) projects for creating your own Gnome.

Go to @hgtv and watch How to Make DIY Tree Gnomes to add these big guys to your front porch. I know I’ll be trying it out!

Holiday Decor Trends - Gnomes

You can also check out my post DIY Gnomes That Are Fun (and Cheap!) To Make to create these cuties at home!

DIY Mop Gnomes
DIY Mop Gnomes

Holiday Trend #3 – Pretty in Pink

Walk into any store this year and you’re sure to see an explosion of pink. Although not a traditional holiday colour, people are finding inspiration and using this pretty colour throughout the season to add something new to their decor. You’ll find some wonderful inspiration at  @ornamentallyyou where they give you lots of sweet ideas.

Visit to learn more.

Holiday Decor Trends - Pretty in Pink
Pretty in PINK!

Holiday Decor Trends #4 – Vintage Inspiration

Every year, we always see a touch of vintage show up in holiday decor. In the last few years, we’ve seen a lot of old red trucks or winnebagos and those tend to be very popular during this time of year. This year, we’re taking it up a notch and adding ceramic Christmas trees to the mix! I remember having these around as a kid and I’m kicking myself for not saving them. Everything old becomes new again… if you wait long enough!

Have a look at @almontevintage for some great finds you can add to your festive decorating. Do you still have one in your collection that you’ve been hiding from years past? You’ll definitely want to pull that out of storage and put it on display!

Find more cool, vintage inspiration at Almonte Vintage Market.

Holiday Decor Trends - Vintage
Vintage touches

Decor Trends #5 – Door Bows

Wrapping my doors in bows has me extremely excited this year! I’ve gotten tired of that standard wreath and think this looks even better.

There are so many different ways to elevate your entrance as demonstrated by I may never put up a wreath again!

Check out the amazing selection offered by Door Bow Co.

Holiday Decor Trends - Door Bows
Door bows

Holiday Trends #6 – All That Glitters is Gold

Who doesn’t love a little bling in their lives? And the holidays provide the perfect opportunity to add a ton of sparkle to your home!

If you already have some flashy accessories in your house, it’s super easy to glam them up for the holidays with the addition of ornaments and florals. Stylist @compartiendoconvenus shows us her home inspiration and all the different elements you could add.

Holiday Decor Trends - Gold
All that glitters is gold

Holiday Decor Trends #7 – Traditional with a Twist

I’m a traditionalist at heart and always love the classic red/white holiday theme. But even so, that doesn’t mean you have to always do the same-old-same-old.

I love the way @werchristmas put a twist on traditional by adding some fun, unexpected colours to their decor. Jewel tones are quite festive and can easily boost what you already have and adore.

If you’re looking for more ways to spice it up this year, you’ll find some great ideas at

Holiday Decor Trends - Traditional with a Twist
Traditional with a Twist

What are your plans for the holiday season? Are you planning to do anything new and exciting? Hopefully, this post has given you some food for thought. Let us know in the comments below what you’re looking forward to the most!

Happy Holidays!
(Too soon to say that? 😂)

xoxo, Mary


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