2021 Fashion: Stay-In to Break-Out Style

Loungewear Style Cover 2021 Style

2020 style was no joke. I went from building my spring wardrobe with all the colours, patterns and styles to returning everything and living in loungewear. Seriously, where was I going to go? The global pandemic kept me home-bound for most of the year, which meant I kept to styles that were comfortable, easy to wear, and Zoom-friendly. I don’t think I did up a button or zipper for at least 6 months 😂

While 2021 fashion is starting out much the same way, the vaccine rollout is giving us some hope that soon we’ll be able to see others in real-life a bit more often. This means that I have no plans to give up my loungewear just yet, but I am looking for pieces that will transition to going out and enjoying some spring/summer sunshine.

Here are my top-pick wardrobe selections that are cool and comfy for staying-in but will rock your look as start to poke your head out the door.

Pick #1 – The Romper

Smash + Tess: The Sunday Romper 2021 Fashion
Smash + Tess: The Sunday Romper

Pick #2 – The Matching Set

Pick #3 – Simple Sweats

Uni Qlo: Ultra Stretch Set 2021 Fashion
Uni Qlo: Ultra Stretch Set

Pick #4 – Cute Knit Sets

Anthropology: Danika Sweater Set 2021 Fashion
Anthropology: Danika Sweater Set

Pick #5 – Wide and Wonderful

Did you know it’s super easy to turn a wide-leg pant into a jogger with absolutely no sewing needed? Check out No-Sew Tutorial: Wide leg Pants to Joggers to learn how!

Is there a particular style or outfit you’ve been rocking through the pandemic? Tell us about it in the comments below!

xoxo, Mary


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2021 Fashion Inspo Pin
2021 Fashion Inspo Pin

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