Canadian Showcase: Judi Patson, Even Design Jewellery

Canadian Showcase Even Design

I’m SO excited to kick off the 2021 Canadian Showcase series with a brand I’ve admired for years… Even Design!  Both my husband and I have been fans of this unique jewellery brand for years. Based out of Vancouver, jewellery designer Judi Patson is magic with her designs, which are categorized by collections such as Community, Harmony, Balance and more.

Having first met them at the One of A Kind Show in Toronto, I immediately fell in love with their creative, innovative designs. My first piece was the Honeycomb Ring, which was a Christmas gift and one of my first Instagram posts on My House of Zing. I later asked Judi to make me the matching earrings, which are a favourite of mine.

evendesign tiny bee earrings
evendesign tiny bee earrings

Highlighting Canadian Brands

As much as possible – and especially when it comes to hand crafted items – I do my best to shop local, shop Canadian. It’s not only patriotic and supporting the local economy but it’s also highlighting small business in a time they need our help the most. Other reasons include better lead times, meeting Canadian health and safety guidelines and introducing amazing brands to a bigger audience. Plain and simple… it feels good!

Canadian Showcase Q&A with Jewellery Designer Judi Patson

Let’s learn more about this great Canadian brand from the lead jeweller herself, Judi Patson.

I’ve always admired your unique, organic designs. What inspires you to create something new? Where do your ideas come from?

The lines came about from elements I was working on in my life as well as trying to create a niche within the very dense world of jewellery. Creating the lines and themes helped me to create those themes in my life. Balance, Community, Connection, Direction, Harmony, Humour, Purpose, Tradition. Often my ideas come from nature or from things I’m thinking about like protecting the bees and helping the butterflies to simply being caught up in the beauty that is all around us.

Is there a particular custom piece you’ve created that holds a special memory for you?

One of my favourite pieces was an engagement ring made from a found beach stone. It was such an ordinary looking stone. The challenge to make it into a beautiful ring that someone would wear for a lifetime was tough but I was so pleased with the final result. From custom cutting the stone to setting it in a meaningful setting for the customer.

Your About Page tells us the great story about the start of your business in 2003. Can you tell us about the moment you realized you were passionate about this new career path?

I think seeing the full page article in the National Post was the moment I realized that my film career was truly over and I was a jewellery designer now. My business has changed so much from those early days.

Which collection is your most popular? What about that collection do you believe resonates with your collectors?

I would say it is a toss up between Balance and Community these days. Balance has always been special as it was the first idea and so it has been around the longest. The pieces in the Community line are just so pretty it is hard to pass them by.

What has been your proudest moment to date?

I would say having a business of my own that supports me and my partner is what makes me proud. Being able to have the lifestyle I have and enjoy it makes me feel incredible grateful.

When someone is going to buy a piece of jewellery for someone else, what is the most important piece of advice you’d give them?

If I’m part of the decision making process I ask a lot of questions about the person to see what pieces I think will be the best fit for them. Jewellery is such a personal thing especially pieces that you wear everyday – they become part of you. I always want the pieces to fit well and be comfortable.

Thank you everyone for joining us today! In case you missed it, our last Canadian Showcase was with Ben & Mark, Co-Founders Benji Sleep 😴

Have a brand you think we should highlight? Let us know in the comments below.

Be safe my friends and support local businesses whenever you can ❤️

xoxo, Mary


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Canadian Showcase Even Design Pinterest Pin
Canadian Showcase Even Design Pinterest Pin

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  1. Judi Patson is a great person, and she’s doing a wonderful job right now. I want to thank her for designing excellent even design jewelry that everyone likes. It’s one of the things I like about her.

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