Hate Shopping? Here are 3 Tips to Help You Shop Better

You Don’t Need to Shop till You Drop.

I can’t count the many times someone has told me they hate shopping for clothes. And I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan myself. I much prefer ordering online, taking my time to try them on at home and returning what doesn’t work.

But sometimes you need to get out there. Either because you have a day planned with friends, you need an item immediately or you just plain want to browse. To be honest, I used to be one of those people who boarded a bus for weekend shopping trips (the good old days!). Regardless of the why, here are some hows to make the most out of your experience.

Wear Good Underwear

This may sound obvious but it’s the most common mistake people make. If you don’t feel good with what you’re wearing underneath, what you put on top is doomed to fail. Put on a bra that supports the ladies – preferably one that can convert to strapless if needed – and leave those sport bras at home. Avoid underwear that will give you an obvious panty-line to give your butt the best chance to look awesome. If you need to wear body-support, either put your spanx in your purse or wear them. When you’re trying on clothes you want something that will make you feel and look great. Don’t sabotage yourself by adding unnecessary lumps and bumps.

Have a Good, Big Bag

Keeping your hands free to browse through racks will make the whole experience that much easier. Consider either a cross-body bag or one that fits comfortably over the shoulder. Your purse should be big enough to hold the essentials (see below), your wallet and phone. Take out anything that you know you don’t need like agendas and any other random items.

Pack the Essentials

Water is an absolute must if you’re going to be gone for longer than an hour. Even then, I’d. highly recommend you have a full bottle with you. I also keep extra in the car, just in case. There is nothing worse than becoming dehydrated, which will almost always result in you becoming lethargic, grumpy or both. Speaking of grumpy, if you’re the type of person who becomes hangry, add a couple of snacks to your bag as you’ll want to fuel up between meals. I also like to have mints, hand sanitizer, hair elastics and lip balm at the ready to keep myself comfortable. A few people I know also carry Evian facial spray to help with skin hydration… I’ve never done this but it sounds like a brilliant idea!

Time is Your Best Friend

I know this is not always possible but if you can, try not to do a shop-and-run. If you’re rushed, you may find yourself making decisions you’ll regret later. If time is an issue, limit the number of places you’ll go. Pick your favourites and stick to the tried-and-true shops you know will have something you’ll like. But if you do have a couple of hours, branch out and explore new shops. It’s always fun to find a new favourite and you may end up with an outfit that is fresh and exciting.

I wish shopping was a science. But alas, all we can do is be brave, venture out and hope for the best. These are just tips that have always worked for me and I hope you’ve picked up a new idea or two for yourself.

Are there any pointers you’d like to share for shopping-success? Please post them in the comments below!

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