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One of my most popular pages is Shop My Looks, which I update regularily with items I post on @MyHouseOfZing. So I thought I’d go ahead and create another post for all my favourite products…. and trust me, I have A LOT that I love. Not everything here will appear on my Instagram but at the very least it will show up in a story.

Note: All images are clickable and will take you to where you can purchase the item, typically the site but not always. You may need to change your country for availability. 

Eye Cream: Toullgo Anti-Aging Eyecream
I recently wrote a post about my skin care regime and various products I use. At the time, I just started using the Toullgo Anti-Aging Eyecream ($24, 30ml) but quickly noticed that the dark circles were lighter under my eyes. Now, after a few weeks I can definitively say that this eye cream is woooooo-hooooo good!! A few months ago, I was cringing at close-ups, especially of my eyes. Now, I’m happy. Really happy. For the price point, this is a product definitely worth trying!


Colour-Correcting Cream: IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ with SPF 50+

If you have never heard of IT Cosmetics, then let me just say that your life will never be the same. Never have I used a tinted cream that went on smoother, provided better coverage, lasted as long as this colour-correcting cream. I gave up foundation years ago because it was way to heavy for my skin.  Since then, I’ve tried a number of BB and CC creams but this one is my hands-down favourite. Plus it has an SPF, which is something I will never again go without!!


Stay tuned… more to come!


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