Meet Cool Canadian Meg!

Welcome to Meet a Cool Canadian! A bi-weekly feature where I’ll introduce you to…well…a cool Canadian!

For this edition’s inaugural post I’d like to introduce you to Meg, also known as The Basic Bitch Blog. You can find Meg posting her squares on Instagram and sharing her wisdom through her Blog. I was fortunate enough to meet Meg on IG where she quickly became a great friend and supporter to all us gathered Canadians. She has a quick wit, wicked style and real-life values that make her an entertaining follow. But it’s her sass that sets her apart!!

Let’s learn some more about Meg.


Tell us about your favourite way to spend a weekend

“Depends on the season…. Winter it’s movie watching, baking or coming up with a new recipe to make. Summer is all about being outside…. Could be just lounging on the patio reading, having a summer BBQ, taking a long walk, going to the park with the little one.”

What are you most proud of in the last year?

“Being a mom, or should I say surviving being a mom. Haha.”

Do you have a bucket list? Do tell.

“So much traveling… I want to spend a month in Australia. I want to spend 2 weeks in Hawaii on a beachfront property with my family. Take an actual honeymoon with my husband in Tahiti. A girls weekend in New York. A sisters trip (probably now include both my daughters too) to California. A family trip to Orlando and Universal Studios. I also want to travel to the East and West Coast of Canada.”

Let’s say we’re writing a memoir about you… What’s the title?

“Bitch, please. Haha.”

Describe your perfect day for us. This girl’s curious!

“Sleeping in, followed by a leisurely morning and breakfast. The day has to have sunshine and warm temperatures, doesn’t have to be sweltering though. This way we can hit up the lakefront for a nice walk with the puppies, and even enjoy a picnic or snack outdoors. From there drive back home on a scenic route, music on high with the windows down. Enjoy a nice BBQ dinner outside on the patio with a glass of vino!”

Tell us about your journey as a blogger…

“I had always had the idea of a blog but finally started one up when I had a little extra time on my hands during my maternity leave. I’ve always shared recipe ideas, fashion finds, life hacks etc with friends and coworkers and this gave me the chance to continue to do so when not seeing them as often, but also share these things with new people. The main focus of my blog is pretty much fashion and motherhood, but I do also throw some life essentials/hacks and great recipes. I’ve enjoy my experience as a blogger so much and have found so many “friends” through it.”

Thanks for following along on our maiden voyage. I hope you enjoyed the first installment of Meet a Cool Canadian, eh? Until next time, here’s how you can connect with Meg and get to know this fabulous Canuck.



p.s…. eventually I’ll do one of these for myself but until then, learn more about me here.


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