Meet Cool Canadian Spencer!

It’s time for a new instalment of Meet a Cool Canadian! This week’s featured Canadian comes to us from lovely Victoria, BC. A self-proclaimed “Hoser”, Spencer Jenkin embodies all the hysterical stereotypes we Canadians often try to break (or is that live up to?). His charismatic personality and fun Instagram and YouTube videos take us along for a frantic and often unexpected ride. Have a look for yourself!


But Spencer is more than just a Canadian comedian (featured on CBC National!). He’s also a Musician and Entrepreneur. His latest venture makes dishes for our furry friends out of recycled materials and $10 from each sale goes to a local dog rescue. Check out an sample of his work below but also make sure you check out this video of Spencer tickling the ivory, which is an incredible example of his musical abilities!


Enough of what I think of this truly inspirational Canadian, here’s what Spencer has to say…

What’s your favourite way to spend a weekend?

“My favourite way to spend a weekend is getting away! Either hiking a mountain or driving to a secluded beach, and cooking a nice raw west coast meal over a open flame on a cast iron pan. This always refreshes me after a hard week of work.”

What are your hobbies and how did you get into them?

“Piano: I taught myself how to play piano when I was in high school years ago. Through high school I suffered severely from anxiety, which really crippled me. I still don’t know any notes and can’t read music but still love to tinkle the ivory when I get the chance.

Juggling- It sounds very strange but sometimes I throw on electronic music and juggle to the beat (its actually a great workout). Most people don’t realize that juggling has been proven to significantly increase the function of your brain and makes you progressively smarter according to comprehensive scientific studies.

Handstands- Almost every morning I wake up and practice handstands and many yoga balance poses. I strive on results, and everyday seeing improvements in balance and strength motivates me in many ways.

Meditation- Lighting candles, Hot bath, CBD/oregano oils, zen music. This combination takes me to another level. Sometimes leaving my day behind and focusing on nothing is complete bliss.

Cooking- Cooking is a very large passion of mine. It truly is an art and through different techniques, flavours, and textures you really can create some magnificent pieces.

Furniture Building/Woodworking- Ever since I was young I’ve always been building things and tinkering around with them. I have a great source for black walnut and love making fine tables. Sanding down a raw slab of wood certainly puts a smile on my face.”

What’s your favorite thing about your current job? 

“My favourite thing about my current job is working for myself. I am currently in a transition to going full time with a new business I have created. The new business is a recycling company, which takes garbage off cuts from quartz/granite countertop companies, and I create dog dishes out of the offcuts. I also make unique wooden dog dishes out of unused logs out in the logging fields. Per dish sold I give $10 to a dog rescue foundation. So decreasing waste and helping dogs are my favourites things by far.”

What are you most proud of in the last year?

“I am most proud of really stepping out the box with my instagram and having the confidence to post things that would have terrified me in the past. These past couple of months I have started creating and posting comedic videos that have got a lot of attention including making the CBC National TV show.  This makes me really proud because in my early 20’s I was so devastated by anxiety that I couldn’t even get a haircut or go into a shopping mall  and now I’m making videos of me doing silly jokes on camera.  It took a lot of courage to post some of my first videos, and makes me very proud to have overcome social media anxieties. I am also proud to be working on a mental health campaign selling hats that will be giving all profits to a mental health foundation.”

What’s on your bucket list?

“Rolling Blading across Canada – A couple years ago I had a mental health Campaign planned roller blading across Canada raising funds for mental health. I still want to do this one day.

Visit Space – Space fascinates me very much, and I always wanted to feel weightlessness

Go to the Jimmy Buffet Show In Bahamas

Visit The Great Pyramid of Giza

Learn how to do a backflip”





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