Black Dog Photography Tips That Work

Last week a friend of mine was telling me about the black dog she’d adopted from her local animal shelter. The story broke my heart because the reason the dog had been left was because it didn’t look good in photographs.

I seriously couldn’t believe it, but apparently this is a “thing”. People want pets that look good in photos and it is very difficult to photograph a dark-coloured furry friend. Just saying… I do not endorse this behaviour! I really hope it’s not even true but I don’t believe it’s been statistically proven and there are many other rumoured reasons floating around. But the fact remains these pets end up in shelters and are difficult to adopt out.

Just over two years ago, we brought home our very first puppy and I can’t image a day without her. She has featured prominently on my Instagram account and even had one of her own for a while. So, in the off-chance that you ever hear this nonsense, I wanted to put together a few tips you can use or share on how to photograph a black dog (or cat!).

Disclaimer: I am not a professional photographer. I’m just a girl with a black dog she loves to bits. I’m sure there are proper photographic techniques, apertures and shutter speeds that could be discussed but this is meant as an easy how-to guide. If you have information to share, please do so in the comments below. 

Black Dog Photography Tip #1 – Background Colour

Everyone looks better in good lighting and pets are no different. Pick a bright background or somewhere that will really let your pet pop. Going for a walk? That’s the perfect time to snap some pictures! Holding doggie in your arms? Grab the moment!


Black Dog Photography Tip #2 – Get Those Eyes

It’s not easy to get a picture of your furry friend looking right at you. But when you do, it can be pure gold. You can also have a lot of fun trying to get their attention 😉


Black Dog Photography Tip #3 – Have a Person Prop

I’ve always found that pictures of Piper turn out best when one of her humans are in the shot as well. We’re not always lucky enough to have her look directly into the camera because she’s being distracted, but the moment is always a lovely capture regardless.


Black Dog Photography Tip #4 – Use a Filter

Not every shot will be the money shot so you might need some help from time-to-time. Applying a filter can be a good solution. I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to edit my photos and the Jillian Harris Presets.


If you’re just an amateur photographer, I hope these tips help! But if you’re looking for a more advanced article on how to photograph black dogs, I found one for you here.

Happy Snapping! Woof Woof!


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