5 Warning Signs That You Need a New Dog Groomer

Warning Signs of a Bad Dog Groomer

Our fur babies are part of our family. We’ll do anything for them. We love them, care for them and protect them as much (and sometimes more!) than our human tribe.

So, why then would we ever put them in harms way? Inadvertently, what you perceive as your pet being anxious or nervous about getting groomed could actually be them trying to tell you that it’s not the right place for them.

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Earlier this month, I attended the Grand Opening of The Social Pup, which is a gem doggy daycare and spa in Aurora, Ontario. While I was there, I got to talking with their groomer and learned these important tips to help ensure you’ve made the right grooming choice for your loved one.

1 – Attitude is Everything

Coming out of the groomer, your dog should be relaxed and comfortable. It’s important that they get along with their groomer and feel like they’re in a safe environment. Any visible signs of stress should be a huge warning sign that you need to pay attention to. To be clear, not all dogs love being groomed and sometimes they may be anxious no matter what. But, you know your pet and if your instincts are telling you they’re scared or traumatized in any way, think twice before going back.

2 – Effective Listening

Dog Grooming is a profession and like any professional service, you should expect to get what you asked for. For instance, if you’ve asked that they leave your dog with an inch of fur and she comes back shaved, that’s a problem. If for whatever reason a groomer cannot fulfill your request, it’s reasonable to expect they’ll tell you before they get started with an alternate plan. Talk to your groomer, they’re not mind readers… if you don’t like the cut, have a discussion to help them get it right. Still not listening to your requests? It may be time to go!

3 – Essential Technique

Although Dog Grooming is not a regulated industry, you want to look for a groomer who either has been schooled to effectively cut all sorts of size and breeds or one who has years of experience. Let’s face it, we want our pups to be clean and cute when they come home so don’t leave them in the hands of someone who will make your Germain Sheppard look like a Poodle.

4 – Visible Injuries

Don’t panic here, accidents happen. It’s not uncommon to inadvertently nick a pup’s delicate skin or see a scratch when they leave the groomer. No one is perfect and our furry friends can sometimes be quite squirmy! BUT, this should not be happening every time. If your doggy has some form of injury after each visit, you need to question how attentive your groomer really is. And NEVER should they come home with evident bite marks. That’s just not cool at all.

5 – Cleanliness is a Virtue

Can you spot the surface cleaner? You should because your groomer needs to sanitize the area after every appointment. It’s super easy for dogs to pass parasites and viruses between them so make sure they’re in a clean environment that minimizes cross-contamination. If you smell mold or feel dampness in the building, remember your pup is breathing that in for the duration of their stay. See blood or feces on the ground or table? Grab your dog and run!

When it comes to grooming and picking the right groomer for you pup, sometimes it just comes down to trusting your instincts. If you’re getting a bad vibe or think your dog is “off” in some way, listen to your inner voice and try out someone new.

Hopefully, this has helped put you at ease and given you the confidence to ensure your furry love is in good hands. Have a tip I’ve missed? Please leave your comment below!

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5 Warning signs You need a new dog groomer

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