Aspirations for Every Girl, Young and Old


It makes me sad that no matter how far we have come as women, there are stories every day about those who try to hurt us in some way. These things we see, hear and experience are not only physical but emotional as well. They are intended to create scars we can’t always see. They impact our mental health.

Whether it be a girl who’s accosted on public transit and afraid to speak out or a professional woman who has to do her job even when she’s rattled, the narratives never seem to end. These stories are not only the high-profile news items we see but they are also the everyday occurrences, many of which are never reported.

There’s not a single woman I know who doesn’t have her own personal story to tell.

Do we just shrug our shoulders and accept that this is life? Do we have to silently live with the knowledge that at some time and place we will be a victim? Does courage belong to someone else?

I think it’s great that among all the shocking accounts, there are also many people who breathe inspiration and hope. Those who share their thoughts and make us more aware that we have choice. Men and women both… Accountability is not one-sided.

But not everyone can be a spokesperson. Not every person wants to be an influencer. And that’s okay because you are still making a difference if you allow yourself to open your eyes, be aware, be inspired and most importantly, be willing to help prepare others. Every person who has a hand in raising a girl has the opportunity to teach her to find her own voice.


Do good, be kind.

xoxo, Mary


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