Mother’s Day 2020 – 25 Ideas in Isolation

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day 2020 is going to be quite different this year than ever before. For many of us, that means not being able to see our mums in person or perhaps not having the pampered-day that we really, really wanted.

But that doesn’t mean the day can’t be equally as special. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing to help you make the day special for your loved ones.

1. Breakfast in Bed

Who wouldn’t want some extra time with their favourite pillow? Here are some recipes perfect for eating in bed.

2. Poetry

Talk to the heart by either writing a poem or sharing a poem. Maybe a Poem Generator is what you need!

3. Make a Card 

Handmade mementos always go a long way in making moms feel special. They will always be a special item to look back on.

4. Print a Card, Buy a Card

Don’t feel creative? No worries! You can always easily print a unique card or order one from these crafty Etsy sellers.

5. Support Local

Want to buy a gift now for later? Many local businesses are offering gift cards that you can buy now to use later. Help out a small shop and shop local!

6. Garden

Nice day? Spend some time outside and get those beds ready for spring flowers 🌸

7. Clean the House

I’d love for someone to do this for me ☺️ Your mom might too!

8. Watch a Movie Together

Cuddle time on the couch is always a good idea. These family-friendly movies are sure to appeal to everyone.

9. Make a Special Dinner…. Use the Fancy China!

Break out the good stuff and make a restaurant worthy meal for your special lady. If she doesn’t live with you but is close by, consider delivering it! 🚙

10. Make a Dessert

Homemade FTW 🙌🏻 These quick and easy dessert recipes are sure to please. For you pro bakers out there, here are some suggestions to show off your baking skills!

11. Decorate

Dress up the house or your dinner table with these adorable decorations you can make yourself!

12. Colouring Sheets

Similar to cards but still in their own category, a pre-designed colouring sheet is fun for kids and always a treat for mom. They’re also great for keeping the little ones busy.

13. Arrange a Virtual Meeting

Set up some time to virtual meet with your loved ones who are far away. Just don’t forget these important security tips if you’re using Zoom!

14. Cheese

Not gonna lie… This one is for me 😂 I love them all but if you’re unsure where to start, here are some cheese buying tips.

15. Craft

You’re never too old to make something for your mum. These simple creative suggestions and these more advanced projects will give her something to cherish for years to come.

16. Drive-By

Take some time and do a drive-by visit to your favourite local woman. You can keep your distance while waving from the car window. Just seeing your smiling faces will bring joy to their heart.

17. Family Photo Shoot 

Break out that selfie stick and have some family fun by creating some photo memories. Use this self-help guide to take the perfect shot. 📷

18. Reading Material

You can never go wrong with a good book. Here are some top book picks for 2020 or if romance is more her thing, this list of spicy reads might appeal to her.

19. Play a Game

Laughter is the best gift and these fun games are sure to keep you all in stitches.

20. Make a Love Jar

This one makes me swoon. Make a homemade jar filled with special notes for mom.

21. Host a Tea Party

Sweet and special, a tea party is a wonderful treat. It’s like taking hugs and kisses and pouring them into a steaming cup of comfort. ❤️

22. At Home Manicure

Give your mom – and her hands – a special pampering by giving her a manicure at home! Oprah has these DIY manicure tips to get you set up for the perfect paint job.

23. Time for a Spa Day

Nails not her thing? A homemade facial scrub may just be up her alley!

24. Ring Ring

High-tech is not everyone’s game and a lot of times, a simple phone call can brighten someone’s day. Take the time to call someone special in your life, especially if you haven’t had a chance to connect with them recently. 📞

25. Alone Time

Let’s be honest, sometimes the best time is alone time. Set up a quiet bath for mum or just give her some space and time to be alone with herself.

However you the day, I sincerely hope you make memories that last a lifetime. I’d love to hear your special moments so please feel free to share your story in the comments below.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

xoxo, Mary

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