Zoom Security Tips to Protect Your Online Meeting!

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Online collaboration has become commonplace in the last month as people move from real-life meetings and socializing to virtual conferences and live chats. For many Zoom has been a lifesaver, helping us setup quickly, easily and with little cost. Zoom has helped us continue doing business plus stay in touch with family and friends while maintaining social distancing.

But not everything is that simple and you do need to keep security in mind. If you’re using the free version of Zoom, these simple steps can help ensure you’re keeping your information – and participants – safe from malicious intruders.


When Scheduling Your Zoom Meeting

Allow the application to generate an Automatic ID – This will change every time you schedule a meeting, thereby reducing the risk of your meeting ID being shared.

Require a Password – An extra layer of protection to ensure only those you invite to your meeting can join.

Create a Waiting Room – Don’t let anyone join your conference before you’re ready.

During Your Zoom Meeting

Only Host Can Share Screen – In Share Folder, select this setting so that you’re the only person who can share your screen. This way,  no one else can add content without your knowledge.

Lock Meeting After Start – Once you know all your attendees are there, don’t let anyone else unwittingly join. Go to Manage Participants and select More.

Protect Your Zoom Participants

Create Host Only Chat – By only allowing participants to chat with you, you’re protecting them from receiving unsolicited texts from anyone else.

Remove Individuals – In the event you need to remove a participant for whatever reason, you can hover over their name and see the option to remove them from the session.

Disable Camera – You also have the option to disable an individual’s camera but clicking on the camera icon beside their name.

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Many of these settings are now on by default but you’re best to check them every time. Don’t be caught off-guard… protect your Zoom session and anyone who joins.

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Be safe my friends!

xoxo, Mary


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