Tide Powder Bubbling Up to Attention

Tide Powder Bubbling Up to Attention

Tide Powder is your new best friend… trust me on this! If you’re a cleaning freak – or if you’re like me and find yourself cleaning more because the pandemic is keeping you home – then you may have noticed that a lot of people are talking about Tide Powder as a miracle cleaning solution. The hype is real, folks.

Tide Powder, you say? May seem like an old-wives hack (which it is) but it’s recently been taking the lead in conversations around making your home spick-and-span, thanks largely in part to Go Clean Co and their love for the product.

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Tide Powder: Why the Hype?

Life hacks are nothing new and people tend to love learning that there’s a way they can do something different, and maybe better, using items they have around the house or are more affordable. For myself, I just think it’s fun to try new things! They tend to be clever, ingenious and often surprise us. We see hacks happen often and you may be familiar with the TikTok Dove Challenge that encourages people to use a plain bar of Dove soap to clear ache and blemishes. Today’s trend just happens to be using powdered detergent.

So, what do the brands themselves have to say about this? I reached out to the Tide Laundry team on Instagram and not surprisingly they only recommend using the product for laundry, because that’s how they’ve tested it. Honestly, we can’t blame them for that…

"We have seen the buzz with the powder detergent recently, and we love that our Tide family loves the powder as a new way to clean their laundry 😊 Our powder detergent has only been tested to be used for laundry, so we don't recommend it be used for any cleaning aside from that!"

The Pros and Cons of Powder Detergent

I recently wrote a post about Eco-Friendly Laundry Solutions that references why powder detergents are a good idea. But, let’s take a closer look.

Powder Detergent Pros & Cons
Powder Detergent Pros & Cons

Interestingly, while powder detergents are becoming increasingly more difficult to find in North America, elsewhere in the world they are still thriving.

Hacks for Using Tide Powder

As Tide indicated, laundry is the primary use for this product.  But keep in mind that there are many, many different laundry applications! Check out their website to get the lowdown on the best laundry applications for Tide Powder.

"We have tons of tips and tricks, from how to remove just about any stain, to the best way to use all of our products, which can all be found on our website: https://tide.com/en-us"

Of course, that doesn’t keep creative minds from thinking up new ways to use a favourite product 😉 Go Clean Co have shared two Tide Powder cleaning recipes that surely have the Internets buzzing. The first is to mix-up an all-purpose cleaner using 1/3 cup of bleach, one gallon of water and one teaspoon of Tide Powder. The other, which I’m a fan-girl of myself, is to add one teaspoon of Tide Powder to a Vileda Spin Mop bucket and spin, spin, spin until the mop is just damp.

Other unique uses for Tide Powder include:

Let us know if you have one you’d like to share in the comments below!

When it comes to which type of detergent you buy – regular, ultra or high efficiencey – and what the right proportions are, there’s no specific usage chart. But I did find this useful article from The Spruce that gives a good overview of the different types of detergent. Long story short, ultra (or concentrated) has less liquid and fillers. This makes the boxes smaller, easier to carry and more environmentally friendly. You can presume this means you’d use less. HE has less foaming action.

Where to find Tide Powder

Ah, the magic question. This might surprise you but Tide Powder is not the easiest product to find on shelves. Word on the street is that you should be able to find some at Walmart or Giant Tiger, while others have had good luck finding some by using their Flipp App.

I’ve found their websites are pretty good for locating yourself some product. In Canada, GO HERE or if you’re in the US, you can try to find a retailer from their US Website HERE.

I don’t think it will be long before we start seeing it more often. According to their IG team:

"We always do our best to keep up with demands, so we're still making the detergent, and our team always does their best to keep up with the high demand from consumers!"

Let’s hope, right?!?

Have you become a “quarancleaner“? Please share your hacks in the comments below 🧽🧹

xoxo, Mary


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Cleaning with Tide Powder
Cleaning with Tide Powder

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