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Today, I’m celebrating 150 blog posts on My House of Zing! When I started blogging back in 2018, I would never have anticipated this day and I couldn’t even fathom writing that many posts! But here we are and the journey has been amazing.

The Path to 150

For those of you who don’t know the history of My House of Zing, I’ll give you a brief account. For well over a decade, my career has been focused on digital and social media. I worked for the largest Canadian telco and was a big part of launching all things social for the company. It was exciting, always changing and a ton of work. I learned more than I could ever put into one post or even a book for that matter.

But when I left that job, I realized everything I had done online didn’t belong to me. I spent so much time and effort in developing a brand that I didn’t have anything to show for myself. Although I had launched a number of blogs over the years, none of them stuck. My personal social accounts went unused and were relatively abandoned. I knew I needed to start from scratch and I had something to prove… I was motivated to create my own brand.

My House of Zing on Instagram was the first account I concentrated on. It was a blast having complete control over my own content and engagement plus I met a ton of great people (you know who you are!). Suddenly I wasn’t just managing content, I had become a content creator.

Around the same time, I started teaching Digital Communications at Seneca College and I’ve absolutely loved the teaching experience. It’s a job I’m truly passionate about. As part of my classes, I was teaching students how to launch a successful blog. Again, I felt like I had something to prove… I was motivated to follow along with my students and create my own blog.

Using the same strategies I taught my students, I eventually launched a fully planned-out blog and My House of Zing was born. What I share with my students is not just theoretical, I live it with them everyday and I like to think that makes all the difference in keeping them motivated and engaged.

The Top Ten 150

The top request for my 150th blog post was to summarize my most popular posts. This turned out to be a really useful excercise for myself because I got a good look at what my readers love. The trouble with this was figuring out the time frame I wanted to look at. If I go back to the beginning, it would be a disproportionate amount of Instant Pot content because that was a big focus for a long time. But in the last year, I’ve been diversifying so I’ve decided to focus on 2021.

Here we go!

#1 – Five Things You Should Never Put in Your Instant Pot


This has by far been my most popular post, which I attribute completely to Pinterest. This Pin has driven almost 1 Million views to my site! [Read more…]

#2 – 4 Reasons Kids Under 13 Shouldn’t Be on Social Media

Kids Shouldn't Be On Social Media

I was most nervous about publishing this post because I know it’s not a popular opinion. But I’m passionate about the subject and wanted to ensure parents had all the facts. My youngest is 4 months away from turning 13 and believe me I know how hard this is to manage. [Read more…]

#3 – Canadian Showcase: The Pretty Little Things Shop Creator, Ashley Murdoch


I started the Canadian Showcase Series to support local businesses like Ashley’s so I’m absolutely THRILLED to see not one but two of these businesses make the top 10. [Read more…]

#4 – DIY Gnomes That Are Fun (and Cheap!) To Make


Making these Gnomes was a fun pandemic project I shared on the blog and I’m itching to make more! [Read more…]

#5 – Canadian Showcase: Ben & Mark, Benji Sleep Co-Founders


Very much like all the other Canadian Showcase features, Ben & Mark have a fascinating story to tell and a great business model. You’ll love the story behind their brand. [Read more…]

#6 – 5 Warning Signs That You Need a New Dog Groomer


This one was for my pup. 🐶 I learned a lot of lessons really fast when we brought her home. It’s rewarding to see how much this has helped others. [Read more…]

#7 – Easy Hand-Knead Dough Recipe


I literally make this dough recipe at least once a week and it’s so easy. I had to share my family recipe with you all! [Read more…]

#8 – Tide Powder Bubbling Up to Attention


Everyone was talking about Tide Powder during the pandemic so I deep-dived into why this power cleaning product was all the buzz. [Read more…]

#9 – Beginner Tips for Stacking Rings Like a Pro

Stack Rings Like A Pro

This was me sharing a personal obsession with my readers 🙂 [Read more…]

#10 – No-Sew Tutorial: Wide Leg Pants to Joggers


I love fashion but hate waste so I often look for ways to reuse and repurpose. This tutorial was my first how-to video on the blog. Every post has had a learning curve! [Read more…]

BONUS – “C” is for Chocolate Chip Cookies (My Favourite Post)

Chocolate Chip Header

This was one of my first posts and my all-time favourite recipe. I want the whole world to have this recipe! Plus, there’s a secret ingredient that makes this chocolate chip recipe a keeper. [Read more…]

Thank you for reading my 150 post and a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who is following along with my blog. I really appreciate each and every one of you ❤️

I’m planning a post with tips for all you bloggers out there but in the meantime, you can read my Social Media posts here or follow along with shared content on Pinterest.

Gotta post suggestion? Let me know in the comments below!

Cheers to 150 more 🥂

xoxo, Mary


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