Beginner Tips for Stacking Rings Like a Pro

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Truth be told, aside from my wedding ring, I don’t typically like to wear a lot of jewlery. I’m often washing my hands or putting on lotion and I just can’t do that with rings on… gawd forbid I get cream stuck in my rings (know what I mean?).

But, I do occasionally like to get dressed up and I’m finding more and more that I love stacking rings and trying out new looks. I’m not an expert at this but I’ve scoured the web for some tips and ideas I wanted to share with you all.

Sameness for Saneness

According to, you’re better off to “keep it in the family” and “go for cohesive”, which is really how I started off. It’s the perfect beginner tip. If you’re using thin rings, keep it in the same size range and pick just one type of metal.


Don’t be a Chunky Monkey

Personally, I love large rings that take up most of my finger. Unfortunately, these are difficult to stack and can limit your finger mobility if not done properly. Venti Fashion recommends sticking to dainty rings that are easier to play around with and place on your fingers in multiple configurations.

Venti Fashion

Fit for Finesse

One thing that will definitely mess up your look is a ring that’s obvious too big (it’s spinning or gaping on your finger) or too small (leaving indentations or puckering your skin). Sylvie suggests a good-fitted ring will be comfortable and create eccentric geometric shapes that others will want to copy.


Layers Ain’t Just for Hair

When stacking rings, you want to get some high on your fingers. The one ring per finger rule no longer applies and Lux & Concord recommend three rings per finger starting with the thickest at the base then moving up to thinner bands.

High Stack

Simple Symmetry

Your fingers shouldn’t compete with each other. Elite Daily advises that you want to keep your rings even… that’s to say, don’t pop in a ring that’s going to throw your hand off balance and steal the show.

Elite Daily

Start with your nails

The one consistent piece of advice I’ve seen is to remember to keep your nails neat and polished. They will act as your canvas and draw attention to your rings. Chipped or dirty nails take away from the charm you’re trying to create.

Maya Magal London

Have Fun and Experiment

I didn’t need an article to tell me this 😉 Once you’re comfortable with a few basic principles, the real fun is trying to out and literally doing a test run. I’ll often take the same rings and play around with them… move them to different fingers, stack them differently, place them in different positions. For it to work, you should be able to wear them comfortably without snagging your clothing or feeling like you can’t bend your fingers.

How do you like to stack your rings? Let us know in the comments below.

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Happy fashion!


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